SECONDS SALE 'Ask me about my rats' enamel pin

A B Grade soft enamel rat pin

  • Grey
  • Beige
  • White
  • Brown
  • Grey blazed
  • Brown blazed
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"Ask me about my rats"

SECONDS SALE of imperfect B grade pins, at less than half the original price. 

These pins may have any of the following: Air bubbles, missing enamel, discolouration / minor misprints, small scratches in enamel, small black spots. 

They are all still good and wearable, would look good on a pin board or on a bag where they won't be viewed up close to notice small minor imperfections. B grade pins are a way of getting a design for a lower price, and also getting a unique one off pin in the process. 

Please note that seconds pins are not refundable, by purchasing these pins you accept that these are imperfect and non-returnable. Pins will be selected at random.

I drew and designed this pin myself, inspired by the need to continue the conversation about rats and how amazing they are as pets and break the stigma, wear this pin with pride!

The pin is 35-39mm soft enamel black die with two clasps on the back. 

Currently available in three colours - Grey, Brown and cream. 

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