About Us

Having shared the lives of my Rats & Mice online for many years, I’ve met many people in the community who share my love for them too. It has been a goal of mine to create a space online to be able to provide products for Rat & Mouse lovers alike, and for those that enjoy my family of rodents to have a little piece of them in their homes too, and I’m excited to see where this store can go!

What products does this store sell?

I offer a range of personalized products featuring my photography of some of your favourite Rats & Mice, from Polaroid prints to seasonal greetings cards. Eventually this may expand to other products such as calendars.

I also sell miniature art made by the rats themselves! Each rat has their own colour palette suited to their personalities, and through positive reinforcement training and lots of praise and treats, they enjoy the process and paint on their own terms (which will make paintings subject to availability). The paint used is washable, and non-toxic, they are cleaned with a simple non-scented baby wipe afterwards, so the process of painting is safe, and not stressful. Because of the painting taking place as and when they feel like it, it is not always readily available but if you would like to request a custom order from one of the rats with colours of your choice please send us a message on our facebook or instagram page.

We also now stock some of our favourite rat and mouse products (also suitable for other small pets too!) that have been tried and tested by my own pets at home. I will never sell a product I'm not personally happy with using myself so you can guarantee you'll be getting items that are going to be suitable for your rodents. We are always expanding our variety of products, whether it's treats or toys. As we are a small business these items can sometimes go out of stock, but if there is a particular item you are interested in please send us a message and we can advise when it will be back in stock again. 

Moving forward we will be selling more products for rat and mouse loving humans! I will be designing a range of products from my own artwork, starting with enamel pins and eventually moving onto stickers, clothing etc! Watch this space and follow our social media for updates.

Who am I?

My name is Emi, I am 23 and I live in Lincolnshire with my boyfriend who created this website. I am passionate about Rats and Mice receiving the best care possible and wanted to expand that by creating this store, but you may know me from my youtube videos on my channel 'Emiology'. Running this store is one of my biggest passions and I get the biggest smile on my face every time I am notified of a new order, and I really enjoy sitting and carefully packaging all of the products. 

Who are my Rats?

I currently have 4 male rats Crumble, Humbug, Twix and Wispa.

I have Rats who are no longer with us, but may still make an appearance on prints etc in their memory (Scampi, Rolo, Badger, Moose, Sundae & Sprout.)

Who are my mice?

I currently have 6 female mice Pearl, Sprig, Bramble, Vixen, Olive and Clove.

I have Mice who are no longer with us, but may still make an appearance on prints etc in their memory (Fig, Pebble & Opal)

All of my rats and mice can be seen on their official instagram page @bogglebuddies as well as on my Youtube channel.




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