Coco loco foraging toy

A stuffable coconut foraging toy. 

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Inside this Coco Loco Foraging Toy your small pet will find colourful dried leaves, that you can hide food and treats in. 

There’s two small holes on the side, plus two large holes hiding behind two coconut husk doors.

If your pet is new to foraging, then lift and move the ‘doors’ to make accessing the materials inside easier. Encourage them further by placing some tasty treats inside.

A Rat will have hours of fun searching for and retrieving the goodies inside, whilst it swings about, providing exercise through play. Placing the Coco Loco closer to a perch or by the cage bars will also make it easier for a Parrot to enjoy.

For more advanced foragers, keep the doors closed, this means they have to open the doors / hold them open whilst retrieving the goodies from inside. Placing the toy away from perches, and away from the cage bars, so it moves more freely is another way to increase the difficulty.

Approx. 25x12cm

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